The "Made in Italy" in the processing of aluminum


Born from the entrepreneurial courage and the determination of the founding members, AD Solutions has quickly become an international reference for aluminum processing. Aluminum structures and components are essential elements for the furniture industry, lighting and refrigeration, as well as for the building industry, for home automation and for many other sectors, from railway and tramways to the electro-medical one. A high-level technological knowledge, continuous internal development, a long experience in the industrial field and a great passion for his work: these are the key factors that push an increasing number of customers to rely on AD Solutions for the supply of their semi-finished aluminum products.

Why choose AD Solutions?


The advantages of aluminum are now known to all: in fact, this material manages to combine lightness with strength, the extreme workability of eco-sustainability. Why choose AD Solutions as a supplier and partner in the world of aluminum? We could simply say that the secret of our success lies in the vanguard of our machines, or in the high capacities of our workers. But it's not all here thanks to our experience we are in fact able to interface directly with those involved in the project so as to be able to present a complete view immediately to the customer and clear on the technical feasibility and on the possible changes to be made, advising the best to get the best possible solution.



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What is "extruded aluminum"?


With "extruded aluminum" we indicate a profile of the resulting aluminum, precisely. from an industrial operation of 'extrusion', process that allows the production of profiles with a constant section with high mechanical characteristics. In concrete, extruded aluminum comes from the passage of the heated billet and therefore easily workable in a specific matrix and the subsequent meticulous control of the straightness and the superficial quality of the resulting profile. The design and manufacturing possibilities offered by extruded aluminum are unparalleled; and that's why we at AD solutions start exactly from these foundations to provide the best products to our customers.



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Discover our production process



Aluminum semi-finished products can offer effective solutions in many sectors: in this phase we evaluate whether your idea is technically possible and advantageous with aluminum profiles.


Based on your industrial needs we design the most suitable extruded profiles, able to meet and exceed your expectations thanks to the strong points of aluminum.


After approving the most suitable technical solution for extrusion, we start production and then processing the profiles, making the necessary changes.


More and more often we go beyond the supply of simple semi-finished products, also taking care of painting, oxidation, assembly and packaging of the product, having control of the entire supply chain.

Operating sectors

icona settore navale


icona settore Mobili da ufficio

Office furniture

icona settore Arredamento


icona settore Illuminotecnica


icona settore Refrigerazione


icona settore Home automation

Home automation

icona settore Edile


icona settore Condizionamento


icona settore Autoferrotranviario


icona settore Elettromedicale


icona settore Tende da sole


icona settore Tende da sole

But let's talk about our works

Offset: the search of essentiality

Essential and contemporary style.


The Poule table: practicality and lightness meet aluminium


From the hobs onwards

An unmistakable style and a great passion for the kitchen.


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