Our starting point is your ideas, your needs and your technical problems. From there we can start to devise the ad hoc solution for your case, proposing the optimal solution that, tailored to your needs, can best satisfy you and complete your final product. Any new project, therefore, comes from a sincere and attentive listening to customer requests so as to be able to establish from the first meeting whether there is actually the possibility of arriving at an advantageous proposal through an extruded aluminum profile.



From the design of the solution we move on to the technical design of the semi-finished aluminum product. After a meticulous study of the necessary profile, therefore, let's change the matrix that will actually be used for extrusion, so you can count on the best possible profile. The final goal, in this step, is to ensure the achievement of the performance required for your semi-finished aluminum using special simulations.



The aluminum profile resulting from the extrusion process after having been properly controlled and cut to size it's ready to be worked by our technicians which therefore carry out the cuts, holes and operations necessary to adapt the aluminum profile to the needs of the customer. Each type of profile obviously requires a different range of processes: always more often, customers ask us for something more than just semi-finished products, and for this reason, thanks to our sub-supply system, we are proceeding with further processing, such as painting and oxidation.



With a view to expanding the range of services offered, Ad Solutions has set up a new assembly and packaging department for finished products equipped with highly automated benches and assembly equipment. Staff in charge and specifically trained assembles, carry out quality control and pack products ordered by our customers, replacing them, ensuring maximum satisfaction both to them and to the final customer. The product is delivered to our customer, who can store it directly in the shipping warehouse without viewing the package or, thanks to partnerships with the most important domestic and foreign carriers, send the product directly to us to the end user.


we transform your ideas into finished products