Some examples of our extruded aluminum realizations.


The malleability of aluminum, allowing the realization of many different profiles, combined with the wide variety of needs of our customers, make impossible to list the quantity of solutions we have provided to our customers along time. Therefore we have decided to mention in this page just few of the projects we have performed , in order to give you the opportunity to evaluate our skills in performing a partnership in supplies.

Zepa spa From the hobs onwards
An unmistakable style and a great passion for the kitchen these are the main features of Zepa spa Italian company leader in the sector of the realization of hobs.
Maxdesign Offset: the search of essentiality meets aluminum
Essential and contemporary style this is the common denominator of the Maxdesign collections, which offers Home and Office furnishing accessories.
Kristalia The Poule table: practicality and lightness
Reference point in design furnishing in Italy and abroad, Kristalia focuses of innovation, sustainability and functionality.