Offset: the search of essentiality meets aluminum


Essential and contemporary style this is the common denominator of the Maxdesign collections, which offers Home and Office furnishing accessories. Our collaboration is based on the production of the Offset bookcase a modular system of shelves consisting of an extruded aluminum structure that finds space both in the office and in the domestic environment. We at AD Solutions have developed both the profile, that goes to make up the bodywork, both the aluminum joints that go to close the containers. To be noted the special requirement of the customer that to guarantee the best of aesthetic results he asked not to have any visible fastening screws. To satisfy this request we have created an ad hoc bracket able to guarantee a perfect seal and without the use of additional fasteners. Finally, the customer decided to entrust our company also the assembly and the finishing of the product, painting included, as well as the final packaging, so as to be able to make to direct shipping - carried out by virtue of our partnership with the most important national and foreign carriers. The Offset series is completed with a very special table, for which we made the portal of the legs in aluminum.